Audition Information

How To Join-

Helena Chamber Singers welcome and invite interested singers to audition for our choir. Membership is based on the number of qualified singers, with an emphasis on balanced sections throughout the choir. The audition consists of four parts:

  1. Tone Quality/Part Determination: Sing a descending five-tone scale to the lowest note in range and then the highest note in range.
  2. Tone Quality/Solo Potential: Sing the melody and text of America the Beautiful (the first verse).
  3. Pitch Memory: Sing various pitch sequences after hearing them played.
  4. Sight-Reading Skill: Sing the part of your choice in a Bach Chorale (this is for the conductor to see your sight-reading skill level–this is an optional part of the audition)

Please email the Helena Chamber Singers using this Link or send your emails to if interested. The audition/interview takes about 15 minutes. If you qualify for HCS membership, you will be put on a waiting list if there is no room available in your section.