Mission Statement

The Helena Chamber Singers consist of singers in the Greater Helena area who are dedicated to rehearsing and performing quality choral music from around the world that represents a variety of musical periods and styles and is distinguished for its artistic excellence.

The purpose of the choir is threefold:

  1. DEVELOP artistry and musicianship in its members and in so doing provide an expressive outlet for its members.
  1. PRESENT concerts that will be a means of enjoyment and contemplation for our audiences.
  1. SING in such an artistic way that it will uplift and touch the hearts of our audiences as well as its members.

In order to achieve these goals, the Helena Chamber Singers are committed to rehearsals that involve intensive and detailed work on selected choral works, with concentration on quality of vocal tone (vowel integrity), pitch accuracy, rhythmic precision, melodic contour, dynamic nuance, and textural expression.

“One of my goals as the director of this choir is to help the singers develop their artistic potential,” Dr. Michelson says. “This means helping them become more sensitive to the quality of the sound they make, to the rising and falling nature of melody, to the powerful and exciting force of rhythm, and to the harmonic structure of music. I believe that musical expression is also an integral part of the choral experience.”

The Helena Chamber Singers are always looking for capable and dedicated singers who are interested in singing traditional choral music.  If you are interested in becoming a member or know someone who is, please email the Helena Chamber Singers using this Link or send your email to helenachambersingers@hotmail.com.

Thank you!